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Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle to Avoid Cancer

Ellen Scharaga

Ellen Scharaga is an accomplished pharmacologist working in Melville, NY. Currently employed at Alegria Specialty Pharmacy, Ellen Scharaga serves as an operational consultant who works on treatments for chronic diseases. She also is a supporter of the American Cancer Society.

While a cancer diagnosis is life-altering, with the many treatments available it does not have to be a death sentence. However, the best way to stay healthy is to avoid cancer risk factors, otherwise known as carcinogens. While some cancers are inherited, others are due to environmental exposures. You can reduce your risk of cancer by making positive lifestyle choices, such as getting good nutrition, maintaining physical activity, and eliminating tobacco exposure.
Another way to decrease your risk of cancer is by avoiding contact with known carcinogens such as ultraviolet light, radon gas, hormone drugs, pesticides, and environmental pollution. Remember that the risk of developing cancer depends on the amount of carcinogen exposure, including frequency, length and duration, as well as genetic factors. Decreasing carcinogen exposure is a good way to keep yourself healthy for longer.

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